The Muscle & Mind (MM) designed by Mi Mente Copenhagen is a one of a kind fitness tool designed to optimize the benefits of Oscillating Kinetic Energy by attaching weights, such as kettlebells or dumbbells, to a barbell or specialty bar. The MM is designed to ensure the activation of small muscles groups while forcing the central nervous system to perform at a higher rate.

What is Oscillating Kinetic Energy? 

Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) occurs when the unstable nature of the hanging kettlebells produces numerous oscillations to the barbell creating a very unstable environment for the lifter. Thus, forcing the lifter to tighten up every muscle in their body and maintain this throughout the duration of the set. This creates an incredible effect on muscle activation allowing the lifter to increase muscle size without lifting heavy and without damaging the joints. 

What is The Muscle & Mind fitness tool?

Through years of training with a Navy Seal Veteran, the brains behind Mi Mente Copenhagen developed The Muscle & Mind for rehabilitation of a reoccurring shoulder injury. It is an all-in-one patented fitness tool made of 100% steel.  It can be attached to all weightlifting bars, thus allowing for multiple uses in a variety of way. For rehab, CrossFit, strength building and functional training programs, The MM can be used for all fitness needs and levels.  

The Muscle & Mind is Designed in Copenhagen and produced in Europe, and comes with a 10-year guarantee: if the MM breaks, it will be replaced at no cost to the user. 

What does Muscle & Mind mean? What is Mi Mente Copenhagen?

The Muscle & Mind fitness tool is designed to ensure the lifter maintains the muscle to mind connection while performing exercises.  The muscle to mind connection is essential to further enhance muscle activation and growth. While using The MM, the lifter is forced to maintain the muscle to mind connection throughout the set because of the oscillating nature of the kettlebells or dumbbells. Thus, the name The Muscle & Mind was developed. 

Mi Mente Copenhagen is a Danish company based in Copenhagen. Danes are known for their functional and aesthetically pleasing design concepts and products.  The owner behind Mi Mente Copenhagen is one of those Danes whose creativity and design ideas abundantly flow out of “Mi Mente” meaning My Mind in Spanish.